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PowerOfTheWeb lives by the mantra “simplicity is key.” We draw inspiration for our designs from the things and people closest to us. Citing a painting of my sister as the catalyst for his artistic renaissance Packy(Lead Designer & Developer) has designed multiple award-winning websites.

“Packy eschews the idea of cookie-cutter patterns on the web and with a philosophy centered on simplicity he brings a high standard of quality and individuality to any client. Packy came to web design a blank canvas. With determination driving him, dozens of awards and international acclaim carrying him, it’s no wonder his self-taught knowledge has made him a highly sought after web designer. We’re more than happy to capitalize on Packy’s wealth of experience, desire to focus on the individual needs of each client, and ability to create timeless designs, animation and web development.” – 181

Computer Lair: Springfield, MO


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I took this shot in my studio. Amy is one of my favorite models. This picture would work great with an ad or graphic design of your choice. This is un-edited. So feel free to use your artistic style.

And if you use the image, let me know..

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